AOL Music - Top 100 Videos

AOL Music - Top 100 Videos

AOL Music - TOP 100 Videos is an Adobe AIR widget for the music fans
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AOL Music - TOP 100 Videos is an Adobe AIR widget for the music fans. The application allows you to watch the AOL TOP 100 videos from a single application. AOL Music Top 100 Videos will stream all those videos to your computer and you can watch them instantly on the application. They are also separated by genre, so it should be easy for you to find your favorite music video if you know it's there. There are some disadvantages to streaming music videos; namely, the audio quality. If you crank up the volume considerably high, you will hear distortions in the sound. It's not too bad for casual viewers, but the quality is not great. There are some advantages, too. All the videos are accessible within a few clicks. Also, there is the "most popular" link, which will take you to the most watched videos. Since this is an Adobe AIR application, you can install it on any computer that supports the AIR framework. You can also take the application to full-screen mode, which makes it easy to see the thumbnails, but the video quality is certainly nothing to call home about.

José Fernández
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  • Easy access to AOL's TOP 100 videos.
  • Nice interface


  • Not-so-good video and audio quality.
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